Textile conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are mostly used in industries to transport products and raw materials from one place to another. This belts enables easy and fast transportation of goods. Special belts like textile conveyor belts are made that are used in the textile industries as they have special features. These belts are best in areas where materials are to be handled in bulk quantity. Various specifications and materials are available in the markets that are selected according to the requirement.

textile conveyor beltAdvantages:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Strong performance
  • Operating economy
  • Robust structure

These textile conveyor belts are used in garment industry, fusing, manufacturing industries. The belts are coated with PTFE that improves the temperature bearing capacity. The dimensions, length and materials of the belts are customized as per the need of the client.


Saw tooth conveyor belt

Saw tooth conveyor belts are used when the products have to be conveyed transmitted in vertical direction. This requires a precise configuration of the saw tooth conveyor belt to ensure that the strapping clutch of the product moving on the conveyor to avoid any type of disaster during the working process. Our saw tooth conveyor beltsSaw tooth Conveyor Belt are manufactured under precise guidance and supervision of experts. We belts are available in a wide range of specifications and models. They are mainly used in industries for conveying Agarbattis, food stuff and tea leaves. They are used in varied industries to make their work faster and efficient.